Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Permit me this one indulgence...

...and if you're not interested in reading about my family, just stop here and come back later when I get more on-topic content posted.

It may seem like I do a lot of tributes to Husker fans, but that's because most of my relatives and friends hail from the Cornhusker State. But peacefully from the world last night passed a man who will always be in my heart and on my mind.

This man was a son, a husband, a dad, a grandpa, a great-grandpa, a World War II veteran (paratrooper), a gentleman, a golfer, an entrepreneur, a businessman for decades, a patriot, and so many other things I would never be able to list them all.

So many things describe my grandpa, but above all he was a gentleman, in the way that so few of us are anymore. I don't recall him ever using foul language in front of a woman. When you came inside, the hats came off. He treated everyone he met with respect, and though he was never monetraily rich, he was always generous.

Such is the inexorable march of life, I guess. But we are moving toward that sad day when the world will be without men of the greatest generation, who did so much for their families, their friends and their country that we can't ever repay them, we can only thank them and attempt to measure up to what they've done.

I'll miss you, Pops. But I'll see you again.

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emawkc said...

Condolences for your loss (our loss).

He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again.