Monday, August 13, 2007

A Quick Post

Surprisingly, there isn't a ton of news to report, considering I've been away from the computer for several days. I promise to get a preview of Missouri State up tomorrow.

The KC Star's Blair Kerkhoff has ranked the best Big 12 units at every position. Sound familiar?

The KC Star's Howard Richman reports that the offensive line will be the key to K-State's success (or lack thereof) this year. No argument here.

The Cats held practice on Saturday in Olathe, which I had planned to attend until reality got in the way (thanks for the comment on the previous post, emawkc). The article mentions several items of note.

First of all, this probably won't happen again. It was done as much because K-State is opening a new campus in Olathe as it was for fan appreciation. On top of that, I believe the NCAA counts travel time as part of fall practice, which gives the team less time on the field. Finally, think of the logistics of hauling 100-something people to Olathe, not to mention all the equipment. I hope you enjoyed it if you were there.

It may just be preseason coach-speak, but JuCo transfer Deon Murphy may be the special teams replacement for Yamon Figurs this year. With teams kicking off from the 30 yard line this year, he should get plenty of opportunities to show his stuff, which could be crucial for field position and game-changing plays.

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