Thursday, August 2, 2007

Players Report, Prince Speaks in Nebraska

The Wildcat football team reported for practice today, and will begin practice tomorrow. Yet another milestone toward the best time of year. Not to mention, the players are now under the coaches' watchful eye long hours each day, making them less likely to get into trouble. Ask Texas how important that can be.

Prince has also been a man about town as far as speaking his mind. On Wednesday, he was in Nebraska, speaking at the Nebraska Coaches' Association summer clinic. He exhibited what seems to be his trademark, self-depracating sense of humor, as well as sharing some of his knowledge of the game of football. Some examples...

Along with Malcolm X and Gerald Ford, he joked, he's one of the three most famous Omahans. He was adopted and grew up outside Fort Riley, Kan. His dad was a World War II veteran; his mom a maid.

"I think we were picked 14th preseason out of the 12 [last year]," Prince said. "There was no question people thought we were going to scrape the bottom of the barrel."

Judging by the typical message board reaction, most Husker fans were less than thrilled to hear the man speak. On the other hand, a couple of Nebraska high school coaches told the Lincoln Journal-Star that they enjoyed the presentation.


For some reason, someone in San Antonio wanted to know what Prince thought of Michael Vick's legal troubles.

See, because Prince recruited MARCUS Vick several years ago, apparently he's supposed to have something worthwhile to say about MICHAEL Vick's alleged involvement in dog fighting in 2007? Unsurprisingly, Prince didn't have much insight, other than to say he was surprised because he considered the Vick's "a good family" and to remind young athletes to evaluate who they're associating themselves with.

Let's let the legal system run its course with Vick. So far it looks bad...he's accused of crimes that make me sick, one of his co-defendants is about to roll on him, and in the first place, the U.S. Attorney brought charges. In case you didn't know, federal prosecutors lose cases about as often as Lindsay Lohan is sober. But he still hasn't been convicted, and so far you've only heard the prosecution's side of the story. If he's convicted, I'll be happy to see him handed over to the Bureau of Prisons.


Sorry for the slow posting pace this week, working and preparing for next summer's employment has taken a toll. Sad to say, it won't be a lot better because I'm going on a "vacation" the next couple weeks. Expect sporadic updates, unless big news breaks.


Corn Nation said...

Did you see this post at Fanhouse about Josh Freeman reporting in at 260 pounds and failing his physical?

Sounds like BS to me. One of the Nebraska TV stations had some online video, and Freeman didn't look like he was out of shape or had any problems.

TB said...

Hey Corn, no, I hadn't seen that post until you sent it to me. But I read it and...I really don't think this will be a big deal. There was an article in the Manhattan Mercury a few weeks ago about how Freeman had put on some weight. He said it was intentional, and that he expected to lose five or 10 pounds during the season.

My guess is too much weight training and not enough cardio, as the physical test they put them through mainly involves running-based activities. I'm not terribly concerned about it, he can try to pass it once per day and I heard he didn't miss by much.

Thanks for the heads-up. Glad things are ok for you in Minneapolis.