Friday, July 27, 2007

Luis Colon Arrested

My weekend is off to a nice start, but Luis Colon's isn't. He was charged with simple battery after an incident in Manhattan today.

The story says no serious injuries were caused, so Colon was not incarcerated. Ordinarily, I'd say a thing like this isn't worth drastic measures.

Not with this guy. I won't be unhappy in the least if Frank Martin sends Colon down KS 177 and tells him not to bother coming back.

Maybe those are harsh words, but Colon is hardly a first-time offender. Last year against Cal, he got tossed for throwing a punch (a sucker punch, at that) late in the game.

--As the announcer says, that defines cheap shot--

Colon has obvious temper and attitude problems. There were numerous times last year when I saw him throw his headband and pout when taken out of the game. He obviously angers way too easily. Why that is, I have no idea, but it's not a good attitude to have around.

Further, here's a quote from the KC Star that makes this much worse:

Colon, a sophomore, allegedly punched a fellow student on campus.

This incident happened on campus. During the day. This wasn't some beer-fueled episode in Aggieville. Not that drunkenness is an excuse, it's merely an explanation, but at least it indicates a problem that can be worked on. If I'm a coach (and nobody is beating down my door to offer the job), any incident on campus is an immediate suspension.

It's Frank Martin's call. But I won't shed any tears if Luis Colon is sent packing.

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